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About us



Beautiful | Hopeful | Connected

we believe in who we are, what we do, and where we are going. this is apparent in our soulfulness and sincerity to our universe by our small ecological footprint we stand by. we have chosen brands for “raw athletics” and our guests that believe in sustainability, being socially responsible, and ethical in their manufacturing! 95% of our lines are designed and manufactured very close to home in turn supporting local dollars.

Small Ecological Footprint

Our commitment to Social Responsibility and Ethical Manufacturing

Our Brands


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Screen Shot 2017-01-22 at 11.02.26 AMFounded in Santa Monica, California, in 1991, by Dick Cantrell, this premium sportswear and denim fashion house stands out in the crowd because of its delicious color palette and signature design elements.  “Always made in the U.S.A” is not just a mantra, but a fundamental personal philosophy. Hardtail’s integrity hinges upon keeping the source of inspiration and construction pure in order to keep standards and quality high.




Los Angeles CA / Yoga inspired clothing for high vibration living. Spiritual Gangster donates proceeds to provide a meal to a person in need for every item we sell.

styles and fabrics that will take you from the studio to the street effortlessly.

‘we encourage the high vibration practices of living in gratitude, giving back and choosing happiness.’

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Based in Los Angeles, California, our hands-on designers and creative team design and curate the most innovative styles to keep you looking fresh while you’re busy being your best. Aside from industry leading innovation and style, expert craftsmanship and hi-tech performance fabrics, Body Language Sportswear is proud to represent the hard work of the dynamic woman with an active lifestyle.



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“we dance to a different beat, stretch with the yogi, run to the highest peaks, hike in unexplored territories, and swim where the ocean becomes one. we are teeki. we take water bottles and turn them into clothes, giving them purpose again through an eco-friendly process. we support you with your active lifestyle and adventures; yoga, gym, workout, surf, sports, dance, flow and constantly moving forward with your body, mind, and spirit.”




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created by a 20 year Bikram Yogi, Onzie blends the best of traditional yoga wear with modern innovation and a touch of whimsy. The result? Active apparel that is functional, flexible and flattering. at Onzie our philosophy is “keep your practice challenging, and your wardrobe simple!” Onzie’s no-frills one-pieces and separates are best worn while sweating, swimming, or simply lounging around. Onzie products are made with love in southern California.

electric and rose logo

electric and rose eric balfour

Designed in Venice and made in LA, inspired by yoga and surf for men and women. The company ‘electric & rose’ is owned by actor and musician Eric Balfour along with his girlfriend Erin as co-owner. They named their company after two iconic streets in the heart of Venice Beach, Electric and Rose Ave, as a reminder of who they are and what they strive to be as a lifestyle brand. This brand is a reflection of the music, art, surf culture, and bohemian lifestyle of Venice. They also design and create their own graphics rather than using stock prints, so unique!





From staple pieces to newly designed threads, we’re proud to source quality fabrics that last. Each Tonic Active collection is engulfed in uniquely luscious fabrics. From cashmere and organic cotton knits to extremely soft bamboo, we’re determined to deliver the best.


Tonic Active is designed and manufactured in Vancouver, BC, and it’s not an accident. Sure, we love our mountains and the ocean, but we also prioritize the importance of supporting our local economy while maintaining superior quality. At Tonic Active Headquarters, we are able to oversee all collections from start to finish through a rigid quality control process. Local production also ensures we commit to providing great working conditions, and improving our carbon footprint.


Tonic Active’s design process is a deliberate one, where fabrics are selected thoughtfully and each piece is created with beauty and function in mind.


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Tofino Towel Co. – Practicing the “Aloha” way of life.

We are the Originators of the Canadian West Coast Round Towel. Designed in British Columbia, Canada.

We encourage you to consciously slow down, be present in the moment and enjoy the simple pleasures of life. We inspire you to connect with Mother Nature and the people around you.

For us, there is no better place to escape reality and connect with your surroundings than Tofino British Columbia. Burrowed a midst dreamlike settings this enchanted town will fascinate your senses.

Let your soul guide you to Tofino.




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We employ those transitioning out of homelessness.




Dish & DUER was founded in 2013 by two entrepreneurs who wanted to solve a problem. With over 25 years of making jeans for big names like Levi Strauss and a newfound love of cycling, Gary Lenett saw an opportunity to bridge the gap between fashion and functional clothing. So, he partnered with Abid Hafeez, a long-time friend and performance fabric expert with over 25 years of experience with technical brands like Under Armour, and DUER was born.


Our business is built on fabric innovation. We identify the problems people face living big, active lives, and we create the fabrics and garments that solve those problem.





zoe welch - wear moi

While still a dancer at the Ballets De Monte Carlo, Christophe discovered his creative talents when he started making dancewear for his wife and fellow dancer, Elisabeth Miegge. Christophe soon realized that this hobby could be the beginning of a new career, and thus in 1990 he created the brand name Wear Moi for his rapidly increasing dancewear collection.In 2001 they seized the opportunity and returned the Wear Moi operations to their native france, from where they distribute worldwide.




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In 2010, S’well was launched with a mission to rid the world of plastic bottles. With your continued support, we are doing just that! Every day, walking around the city I love, I see New Yorkers carrying the one thing S’well dreads the most — the plastic bottle. In the US alone, an estimated 50 billion plastic bottles are dumped in landfill sites each year, and over 200 billion globally.

When developing and designing the S’well bottle, we aimed to create a beautifully crafted bottle that keeps drinks cold for 24 hours and hot for 12, while also giving back to those in need. At S’well, we understand it’s important to be part of the solution, which is why we’re proud to partner with our many charity partners: we are working towards bettering our environment and communities around the world, one S’well bottle at a time.



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Sometimes it’s the bumps in the road that end up defining our journey. This is the story of Manduka, a company founded on the simple idea that a better yoga mat could make a world of difference.

In 1997, Peter Sterios, an architect turned yogi, discovered a simple, elegantly designed black mat whose combination of firm grip and complete support revolutionized his yoga practice. In honor of the yoga masters who inspired him, he sought to share this amazing product with others.



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Kulae’s mission is to provide eco-friendly yoga products in order to create a collaborative and inclusive community inspiring a healthy lifestyle. We know that everyone deserves to feel happy and healthy. Our planet does too. We wish to build a more positive world where yoga can truly be for everyone without taxing our planet.  At Kulae, we are on a twofold mission to provide the most stylish and eco-friendly yoga gear on the planet while truly living by our mantra: #realgoodkarma

Pronunciation: COOL-eye


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Wildfox is a vintage-inspired women’s knitwear brand based in Los Angeles. Originally co-created by two women inspired by a love for vintage tee shirts and their friendship, the brand continues this legacy under the Creative Direction of founding partner Kimberley Gordon.

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